Research: The Economic Impact of Angel Investment

Publicado el viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

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The 14th Annual Congress of EBAN was not a place where only investors’ points of view were presented. It rather was an arena exposing the apparatus of multisource information production. As such, the EBAN Annual Congress unavoidably served also as a statement which disclosed results on academic research related to Angel Investment.

Lourdes Moreno from Deusto University, in cooperation with EBAN, conducted a research aiming to answer the simple but very important question of the impact that angel investment has on the performance of European startups. The research, which collected 3208 investments between 2004 and 2013, narrowed down to a sample of 1661 companies across 37 European countries which were analysed for their economic impact. The impact was measured in the three years that followed the investment and tracked: employment, revenues, asset size and EBITDA.

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