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The Valencian Institute of Finance (IVF) is an entity of public law under Article 5.2 of theRevised Text of the Law on Public Finance of the Generalitat Valenciana, regulated by Law 5/2013 on fiscal, administrative management, and organization of the Generalitat.(DOCV 27/12/2013)
The IVF has legal personality and full legal capacity to fulfill its purpose, being assigned to the competent conselleria on hacienda.

IVF also aims to act as the main instrument of the financial policy of the Consell of the Generalitat, and exercise the powers of the Generalitat on the financial system, and provide certification services for electronic signature and identification related servicesand electronic signature.


The IVF aims to perform the public credit policy of the Valencian government, as well as to promote the implementation of the Generalitat's competences in relation with the regional financial system.

Its basic purposes are the following:

  • The management of the Generalitat financial debt as well as the financial needs of its autonomous entities and owned companies.
  • To provide financial support for the promotion of entrepreneurial activities, especially those involving the generation of sustained added value, technological innovation, job creation, or those regarded as strategic for the wealth generation within the scope of Comunitat Valenciana.
  • To carry out its competency related to the control, inspection and discipline of the financial institutions under the supervision of the Generalitat, as well as implementing its functions over the local stock market.
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